Monday, November 30, 2015

Vedic 2016 Horoscope/Forecast/Transit for Virgo Ascendant

Horoscope 2016 Forecast for Virgo Rising/Ascendant/Moon

Saturn still in Scorpio sign until January 2017.
Jupiter Entered in Leo on July 14, 2015 and stay there until august 12, 2016.
Mars enters Scorpio in Feb 2016 and join Saturn and stay until September.
Rahu shift into Leo on January 30th 2016 and joined Jupiter.
Ketu shift into Aquarius on January 30th 2016.

Jupiter is transiting in the chart is what's expanding, more optimism, opportunity, hopeful and more inspire. Where Saturn is transit in chart we might more worried, challenges, discipline, contracting  and where we have to work harder and if you stay really focused then you can accomplish a lot.

Jupiter transiting in your 12th house of 12th house is the most mysterious, unknown and hidden house in astrology. 12th house represent the hidden enemy, loss of energy, foreign land or foreign journeys, liberation, isolated places like jail, asylum and hospital. This is the house where we can be isolated through sorrow or peace. Jupiter transiting your 12th house of shadow, unconscious, and retreat. Jupiter is about seeking knowledge. So this is an excellent time for going back to school doing, kind is studying and researching. You may preparing for some long-range projects. This is also a very good time to recharge your energy emotionally, spiritually and going on retreat. You are just doing personal and inner work for your soul growth. When Jupiter transiting in your 12th house expanding and looking for the big picture of either preparing forms like education. You may be preparing for something more long-range like getting the degree and getting some training. You could be working behind the scene. You could also be developing a Broadway show, development, rehearsals, doing a lot of research and development for long-range plan. Jupiter in the 12th house is good for any research and having peace of mind.

Jupiter will transiting in your 1st house of identity, expanding 1st house of personality, vision, direction, action and popularity in August 12, 2016 until the beginning of September/11/2017. Jupiter transiting in your 1st house of your identity. The 1st house known as rising sign or Ascendant show your basic nature. Your ascendant shows your unique nature in all areas of life. It represents the starting point on the path to self- discovery, early experiences, self-image, identity, self-expression, self-projection. so Jupiter moving to your first house, you will feel lot more optimistic. You attract a lot more opportunities and you could see the light and it gives you more confidence. You're ready to take on new projects because you are feeling more hopeful. 1st house also deals with your physical appearance and body, so you're expressing lot more of enthusiasm. Therefore you could be becoming more popular and people are attracted to your goodness. Jupiter can also expand the physical body if you are not exercising and if you're stress and eating more then you could gain a some weight. Jupiter in your first house that is the time to take action and start a project. You are feeling like there's some guidance behind your back so you're feeling this confident and emboldened.

Saturn is the planet of hard work, and taskmaster and Saturn teaches us are karmic lessons.  Saturn is a 30 years cycle into one one sign and it transiting in your 3rd house in the beginning of 2015. Where Saturn is placed in the birth chart we have our greatest lessons to learn. Saturn is about to delays and worries in life, but it's also about focusing hard work and discipline. So Saturn has to do with maturity level. Saturn is always going to give you problems but if you're just ready to do take on all the work, responsibilities and focus wherever Saturn is transiting you will feel less pressurised. Saturn transiting in your third house is about communications, short distance travelling, siblings and learning.  Saturn can give good discipline, concentration, and focus to your mind and able to write or finished a book. You might also want to learn more about technology e. g. the Internet, telephone because third house of communications. On the negative side saturn can create problem with siblings and neighbours. Saturn block short travellings, be careful while you are driving.  

Mars enters Scorpio in Feb 2016 and leaves Libra sign. Mars will stay for almost 2 months in Libra and then moves to Scorpio. This time Mars Is going to be hanging out in Scorpio with Saturn for a longer period of time because Mars is going to retrograde on April 17 until June 30 2016. Transit of Mars in Scorpio will be tough may give some stressful situation. Mars and Saturn conjunction in scorpio will be tough and need to take extra precaution for physical health and travelling. Saturn and Mars is very different planets. In astrology they both are considered malefic and keep enmity towards each other. Saturn is cold, control, caution and Mars is heat,   impulsive, aggressive and energetic planet.  Saturn and Mars energy could be very exhausting and  Frustrating.  So there can be a lot of hard work, delayed and frustration in work projects. When Mars will retrograde you need to take precautions in many things. Mars is the warrior planet and Mars can deal with injuries, accidents and cutting tools. So this is not the time to be going for travelling, filing a lawsuit against somebody. Don't  file divorce proceedings against somebody or against your partner because of Mars retrograde, it trying to get to turning against you and show fight against you and may put you in more trouble.

The same applies with cutting tools like surgery. This is time not for elective surgery. It may be repeated or it could be some complications. Mars represents machinery appliances and even automobiles and when Mars goes retrograde then these machines are more to break down and need repair. You should not buy any expensive machinery appliances etc. with Mars in Retrograde. This is the time when anything you're trying to move forwards or to take action on the Saturn is holding it back and frustrating. During this time you should not launch a business or start Job. Mars is in Scorpio is going to be the joining Saturn in your 3rd house of sibling, communication, skill, learning, correspondence, and short distance travelling. Mars and Saturn in the third house of transportation and Mars is going retrograde. Your car is more prone to breakdown maybe be in an accident.  If you have an older car, you  should have it a full service because there might a problem in engine is about ready to break so that it can be   fixed.  If you have to buy appliances machinery and automobile during the Mars retrograde just make sure you have a some money back guarantee. Some positive Mars and Saturn in the third house of communications. Two malefic planets could be good for technical learning and this could all be about the Internet and a website. You could just focus and learn these computer skills and all this mechanical talent on a completely different level and could be selling. If you just stay really disciplined and focus it will still be exhausted and slow-growing but you can accomplish a lot.

Rahu is transiting in your 12th house of loss and pleasure and Ketu Transiting in your 6th house of work and health in the end of January of 2016. Where Rahu is transiting there we feel obsessed and restless and where Ketu is transiting we don’t to want engaged. So Rahu in 12th house with Jupiter (4th lord of inner peace, mother and 7th lord of spouse). You might be worried about your mother and not peaceful and searching something which gives you peace of mind. Now this time you want to focus on some kind of escapism and finding answer of your inner quest. Ketu in 6th house making you not interested in 6th house things ( work place and health). You want to get away from all the work in office and want to focus on what is beyond of this work and detail of life (Rahu in 12th). So careful in workplace, you can be fired if you are not focusing in your job place.

Best wishes and have Great Year