Friday, October 9, 2015

Sun influence in Divorce, Marriage, Relationship Astrology

If we have to consciously breath.. i guess we will all have faced a situation when we would have forgotten to breath and would be in trouble :-). Like breathing we do lot of things subconsciously.. in some ways they are the habits that build up with time .. we don't think about it.. but just do it  like wise when we are in marriage we let our guards down and be who we are without any pretension.  For a marriage to work there are couple of following things that are needed .. some are subconscious influences which with habits we try to overcome.
  1. Love,Respect, Compromise for each other (Venus)
  2. Have no ego in relationship (Sun)
  3. Having a feeling of Disconnect (Ketu/South Node)
  4. Crazy in love & Relationships (Rahu /North Node)
  5. Aggression, argument and fighting  (Mars)
  6. Emotions, mind, imagination (Moon)
  7. Understanding things correctly (Mercury)
  8. Learning, teaching, higher wisdom  (Jupiter)
  9. Commitment and Duties (Saturn)
For this conversation we will consider Sun as a planet in relationship, its influences and how it can get us near a divorce if we don't understand it the subconscious influences and change our habits and approach in relationship. 

Since Sun is both planet of creativity they have good sense to create good art. Sun debilitation can makes a person weak in dealing in relationship, can have ego. Relationship makes their intelligence, independent and creative nature vulnerable and they compromise which is hard for them. They must learn to balance their creative needs with those of partner in order for the soul to growth.

Let's consider one by one how these are important..

A badly placed Sun can sometime make a person weak in relationship :  When Sun is not placed in a good house a person can have low self esteem in dealing with relationships. When we feel weak we cannot express ourselves or take the benefit of the relationship. The relationship may feel harder than it is due to our low self esteem and inability of dealing with it. We should always be confidant and try to balance and be expressive in a positive way for better relationship.

A bad dignity Sun can sometime make a person very egoist : High dignity planets are always adjusting and conscious of the surrounding. So most of the times things work out for them. It is when they are in tough dignities that they react to ego, anger and being irritated. Like wise when we keep ego in relationships we have tough time maintaining them. We should try to keep the ego out, but not let anyone take advantage of us.  There is a real need to have a balanced approach in relationships as they are long terms.

Sun is weak : When a person is too much interested in relationship then person can not focused in own relationship. the person is interested in more than one partner and this can be a cause for divorced.  I think we need to loyal and faithful in relationship and recognize what our partner needs,  if we ignore it we will only create a distance between partners. 

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