Friday, October 23, 2015

Musculine and Feminine flow in Relationship

The terms masculine and feminine are terms used to describe active and passive energy.  Masculine known as male energy and its active and positive. Feminine energy describes as female energy and passive and negative energy. Masculine energy is outward and action oriented which we can relate with man and feminine energy is inward which we can related with the women. As we know women are defined differently than man. Women are more emotional than men and their physical needs are different than man. Women needs to take care their body more than man because women’s have different bodily function than man.  Women wants more nurturing, caring, connection and love to feel good. Men are different than women on mental level and also on physical level. Men needs are different than women. Mens are more outward and they want to connect on physical level rather than emotional level.

So masculine and feminine flow of energy is very important in relationship. This flow should be right otherwise there will be problem in mental connection in relationship. A man should be in masculine role and a women should be in feminine role to feel good in relationship. Depending on masculine and feminine energy of couple they interact with each other. In relationship woman want to experience her feminine nature and men want to come to experience their masculine nature. So women wants to be with a man who is in the initiating role and she can surrender, relax in her feminine power and men wants to be initiating role where he can feel his masculinity. If this flow is reverse then there is reversal flow of energy. If women in initiating role and behaving like men than men will not like it and if a men behave like a women be passive and not doing any action, women will not like and this could be a triggering point for couples not interested in each other with time. Basically in relationships we're putting ourselves in a situation where we want to experience our gender in a powerful way like men want to come to know their masculine nature and women come to know their feminine nature in relationship.  

In the relationship astrology how to assess an individual's chart for relationship potential. This is probably the most important and overlooked factor in any relationship assessment.  We need to assess the each individual's potential for masculinity and femininity energy in relationship by checking planets in signs. whether planets  are in mescaline or in feminine sign. .

In astrology there is 12 sign and each sign ruled by planets. There are six sign which are masculine and six are feminine. All the fire and air signs are masculine and all the water and earth signs are feminine. Feminine signs tends to be much more reserved and reactive, while the masculine are much more outgoing and active.

Leo ( Sun )    
Cancer  ( Moon )
Virgo ( Mercury )
Gemini ( Mercury )   
Libra ( Venus )
Taurus ( Venus )  
Aries  ( Mars )  
Scorpio ( Mars )  
Sagittarius ( Jupiter )   
Pisces ( Jupiter  )
Aquarius ( Saturn )
Capricorn  ( Saturn )

As we know all the planets exist within us in the form of astral bodies.  If we look at Vedic south indian chart, the planets connects with feminine and masculine energy of the chakra system of the human body and they exist in pair. e. g. Venus in Taurus is feminine and Venus in Libra is masculine. The concepts of masculine and feminine are universal. These masculine and feminine energy exist within us through chakra system and it shows up when we interact with other person.

Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Moon are relationships planets, so they should be check in couple's birth chart. 

In a man's chart will look at the capacity to initiate and to have confidence to have the capability and to stay consistent in our life because men are looking to bond and connect with their masculine in a relationship this is what gives a healthy and positive feeling in a relationship. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are masculine planets so they should be in masculine sign in man’s chart. if these planets in feminine sign than man have a crisis of masculinity by being in a situation with a woman who is having a crisis of femininity. For women these planets should be in feminine sign and if not than woman trying to initiate relationship which does not feels so good. So a Woman looking for a  man who have capability, consistency,  strengths and confidence so that she can relax in her femininity.

Venus and Moon are feminine planets and they should be in feminine sign in woman's chart and in masculine sign in man's chart. Venus is the planet love sex, fun, beauty and where we find beauty. Moon is emotions and heart’s capacity to feel joy. In a man’s chart if  Venus and Moon should be in a masculine sign it'll be more initiating and if a woman’s Venus and Moon is in feminine sign it will be more aligned with her gender integrity. If it is reverse than women in initiating role in love and men in receiving role in love which does not feels so good. Therefore masculine feminine interaction is incredibly important in relationship and it should be checked properly.

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