Monday, October 12, 2015

Mars in 12th House Career

In astrology as we know 12th house consider malefic house and if your 10th lord placed in 12th house is known as Dur Yoga means there can be trouble in your career,  but there are many other career possibilities.  Any sign, house, or planet that is associated with the 12th house or Pisces archetype can be expressed on a public or collective level through a profession.  It is important to understand, this does not mean that the Pisces archetype refers to a more glamorous or soulful career. Fame and glamour can surely be part of the Pisces archetype dynamic, we can also expect to find the more accessible professions. Tapping  into a collective need through one’s profession can be done quite mundanely, in fact, this is more common than the glamorous expressions. So when Mars in 12th house what kind of career you can expect.

First we need to know what is 12th house ? 12th house is the house of loss. This is the house of where anyone can see whether it is through internet or through T. V. This is the house of foreign land, hospital, jail, ashram, non charitable institute, behind the scene ( working in film industry), meditation, yoga, temples etc.

Now what is Mars ? Mars is free will and willpower for gettings things done, it is our energy to do something. Mars is vitality, discipline and it is our ability to take action. Mars is very impulsive and spontaneous, It  represents anger,  passion and energy drive within us.  etc.

Now you mix the both of them and especially if you have pisces energy in 1st  or 8th house or Mars rules your 10th house or Mars in 12th house. The 10th house demonstrates how we are going to promote and manage our career, rather than the actual choice of career.

Planets in the twelfth house are in denied naturally and in indirect expression. Your twelfth-house hidden talents are found when they are brought from unconsciousness to consciousness through activities and perfected after realizing that you must develop them completely on your own. Twelfth-house planets are expressed without self-awareness…

Mars in 12th house could be a freedom fighters individuals that are on the front field fighting  for unknown people and the most interesting dynamic about Mars in12th house is that they cannot fight for themselves but they can fight for larger.  They can be soldiers for something big for the nation the can be generals in the A warrior or freedom fighters also can be a liberators so they can be very idealistic people on the negative side.  Mars in 12th house can be negative as 12th house is the house of bed pleasure and crime too. These people can be in show business industry being as a models. With Mars in scorpio and in the 12th house has a lot of issue with power. You can have a person that can become extremely powerful, and extremely influential.

Mars in 12th house have a fear of being attacked by everybody and many people have experiences of harassment and negativity.  12th house also related with defending the enemy so you can relates to work in crime industry as a investigators of criminals. With Mars in the Twelfth House you are likely to exert your energy and initiative in secret or secluded work or some form of social or humanitarian activities in good sense.

If Mars have Pisces sign with Aries mix: Any artistically oriented profession, activism, defense, army, crime, criminology, weapons industry, fire fighting, sports, sales, sex industry, professions portraying sex symbols (fashion modeling, show business).

If Mars have Pisces sign with scorpio mix: Therapy (psychology and related alternative modalities), defense (crime, criminology, weapons, security), sex industry, banking, mortgages, death industry, funeral, and coroner’s work etc.

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